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Fulfill market's needs

Help you build various NFT products
CreatorWork’s well-designed APIs and easy-to-use factory application can help you create the best artworks for your collectors.


You already own many copyrighted products, or your collection has a certain scale and market, you can create an exclusive NFT marketplace to interact with your fans, in addition to pictures, sounds, and videos collectable materials, you can also establish various gamification rules, to make your NFT has mechanisms such as polymerize and challenge.


If you are a key opinion leader (KOL) with your own traffic, you can strengthen your fan loyalty program through NFT interaction on social platforms, and you can also provide a variety of exclusive rights to allow the owners of the NFT to enjoy a more intimate interaction with their idol, You.


Any digital content you created can be packaged into NFT and sold to your collectors on various marketplace. By leveraging the service of CreatorWork, you can build your NFT and Listed on popular trading platforms, such as Opensea and so on.

Mint your NFT
On cross-chain transer

You can choose the payment method that suits your target customers, whether it is tokens, credit cards or electronic payment. And your NFT can be mirrored and reissued on another blockchain based on your customer's needs from an existing private chain, so that your NFT business can grow rapidly in various types of cooperation.

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What value did your
NFT owners get?

Packing digital content is a good start, but we believe in the future NFT can be traded as the assets it implied , or the right it permit to use a service.

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What you see is what you get

Exclue Perk

Benefits that only the owners can unlock

Real Items

Can be redeemed for physical goods or services

Who are your
target customers

If your business already has an existing user base, you should provide the easiest way to make your users buy and trade your collections

If you want to promote the collections to the crypto buyers, you should adopt the business model that can make profits from investing in your NFTs and mantain the price for the average sales of your collections.


Animation, Digital Creation, Artist, KOL




Equity, Assets, Redeem

Profit sharing business model

To built the NFTs on the private chain is totally free.
After you sell your NFTs on our partners' marketplaces. CreatorWork will charge a agreed percentages of fee for each transaction.
In addition, for the NFT mirror across the chains, there is a fee for remint the NFTs depends on the target blockchain.

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